The brief

Swiss wired connectivity specialists Kandou have one of the best retimers on the market, a vital component in ushering in the next generation of computers and high speed data transfer. As the first step in a much wider campaign, Kandou asked us to create an animated explainer championing the potential of USB4 in revolutionising the way people use their tech. The next generation of USB cables and ports has been on the horizon for a while, and while people generally know it’s coming there isn’t a sense of urgency among consumers or OEMs responsible for speccing new designs.

But this doesn’t make sense. The current USB4 technology can enable speeds of more than 40Gbps! That’s a serious gamechanger for all kinds of users. For example, a mid-spec laptop docked with a USB4 cable can handle hardcore gaming duties whilst streaming without glitching and whilst actually charging the device.

It can transform what all users are capable of, allowing us to realise Kandou’s own strapline – to ‘Go Beyond’. And it was our job to make that point compellingly, to champion USB4 and ensure that consumers and OEMs stop simply waiting for USB4 to arrive and start demanding it.


The solution

A problem we recognised early in our discussion was that wires are still seen as a bit old fashioned. The wireless revolution has made people very comfortable with mobility – and they aren’t aware of the invisible limitations to their data usage.

So we wrote a script pointing this out using conversational and non-technical language – uncommon in this high-tech sector. Wires are complicated. Wireless is wonderful. Right? Not if you value powerful connections.

To help us tell the story, the animation used an evolution of Kandou’s existing graphic style brought to life through motion graphics. Simple recognisable devices like ear buds switched in and out with wired headphones to point out what gamers have known for years – cables are stable.

Using a snaking line device in their brand colour green, we made the USB4 cable the hero, simply visualising the different benefits, from multitasking to sheer speed. Integrating live action stock footage on an illustrated monitor allowed us to really emphasise the eyewatering data transfer rates possible – at least 50% faster than most consumers are used to.

The second half of the script was dedicated to positioning Kandou’s exceptional retimers at the forefront of the new wired revolution, and describing our ‘go to’ analogy for USB4’s scope – that of the mid-spec laptop that becomes a super powered gaming beast when docked.

Because, after all, getting 50% extra of anything for pretty much the same price is a no brainer. So when it comes to the data and devices you use every day, who wouldn’t want to Go Beyond?


The results

The film premiered in 2023 at the CES event in Las Vegas, and was later shown at the Design Con 2023 in Santa Clara, California. It is currently circulating with positive comments on social media, and helping to usher in the next generation of USB4 technology.


I’ve been using Seveer to help solve communications challenges since the beginning of 2022, and have always enjoyed working with them. After chatting through a problem they just seem to “get it”, and turn what I’m thinking into a solid, innovative approach.

On joining Kandou last year, I brought Seveer in to help me with everything from brand and strategy to the campaign assets we required to begin changing Kandou’s image from start-up to established market leader. 

This particular project was the first step to realising that vision – the internal reception was overwhelmingly positive and it’s allowed us to begin taking audiences on a journey that’s critical for our long-term success.

Jason De Kauwe
Director of Marketing, Kandou

(October 2023)