I’m sure we can all agree that 2020 was a pretty strange year. The global pandemic has wreaked havoc in pretty much every sector, not least film and TV, and like most production companies we’ve had to postpone or cancel most of our live action projects.

But we didn’t sit around fretting about it. In fact, we managed to adapt to the new normal surprisingly quickly. As you might expect, demand for animations has been high, and we’re working on some really cool new projects. 2021 is definitely off to a cracking start!

As such we thought we’d share our favourites projects from the last year. Given how many curve balls we’ve all been thrown over the last 12 months, we’re extremely proud of them.

‘Humanising’ a mobile app

This animated explainer was created for the new wellbeing app from Mercer. Produced and delivered entirely during the first spring lockdown, it uses motion graphics to introduce the product clearly and show off the brand’s personality.

Welcome to MEC

Our most recent project for the University of Manchester’s Business School was this quirky animated film introducing the Masood Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC) to the world. We worked on all stages of the project from the initial concepts through to the animation/post-production and it’s been well-received online by students across the city.

Here for You

This very ‘quick-turnaround’ educational video was part of a move by SES Water to explain the far-reaching help and support they offer all their customers. The client had chanced upon an explainer video we did for Electricity North West and they were impressed enough to ask us for assistance with this. The result is a simple, friendly feel that neatly conveys how accessible and proactive SES are as a brand.


We’re big fans of motion graphics as explanatory tools for quickly engaging viewers and immersing them into different narratives – and we’re finding ourselves experimenting more and more with blending live-action into the mix. When done skilfully, it can provide an even richer and more dynamic viewing experience.

We’ve been collaborating with our clients for quite a few years now on stock and animation style films, and it’s now a key format for several of their marketing strategies. Here’s our pick of the best from 2020…


HR Accelerator

Pay Transparency

HR Transformation


Now the end of the lockdown beckons – thank goodness – we’re getting a steady uplift in requests to film on-location, so we should get back to a more balanced schedule again before too long. However, even with vaccinations progressing at pace, we know the coronavirus is with us for the foreseeable. Which is why our whole team have taken the time to have COVID-awareness training. We are all up to date on the best practice guidance for creating a safe filming environment, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to improve.

So if you find yourself on a shoot with us in the near future, you can rest assured that anyone you bring with you will be as safe and comfortable as possible.


Like what you’ve seen? Get in touch! We would love to hear what briefs you’ve got bouncing around.



Posted on 12th March 2021