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Mercer UK

Type: Animation – Content

Client: Mercer

Director: Seveer

Printerland 12s Ad


Type: Commercials – Animation

Client: Printerland

Director: Seveer

Combining Colours

Little Greene

Type: Content – Animation

Client: Little Greene

Director: Seveer

Generation UK

British Council

Type: Animation – Brand Video

Client: British Council

Director: Seveer

Royal Visit Hologram animation

Salford University

The brief was to create a ‘digital plaque’ for the Duke of Edinburgh to unveil when he visited the University of Salford.  A ‘Dreamoc’ holographic machine was suggested as a ‘plaque’ but creating a piece of 3D holographic content (on an unknown piece of equipment) was another challenge.  After much searching we approached Seveer and gave them the challenge and start to finish they owned the brief and produced a truly creative piece of work that amazed everyone who saw it.

Type: Hologram for Dreamoc system

Client: University of Salford

Director: Seveer

Seton Speed Bump

Brady Corporation

‘From storyboarding to the final production, Seveer were always flexible, approachable and professional in their approach. They were easy and great to work with, we have already used them again on other projects’


Type: Online Advert

Client: Brady Corporation

Director: Seveer

Our Idents


Type: Content / Brand / Animation

Client: Seveer

Director: Seveer

Broker Portal Animation

Gazprom Energy

Type: Animation

Client: Gazprom Energy

Director: Seveer

Junior Doctor animation

Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust

Type: Animation promoting clinical research

Client: Central Manchester Foundation Trust

Director: Seveer

Change Yourself into a Star


Type: Brand Video

Client: The University of Manchester

Director: Seveer